Open Science

Open Science means that research data is made freely accessible (Open Access) at the earliest possible stage. But also that research methods and data are shared. What can you do to contribute to Open Science?

In this article

Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht consider Open Science to be important. That is why the Utrecht University Open Science Program was established. A program with the aim of stimulating and facilitating researchers to put Open Science into practice.


On their own initiative, researchers founded the Open Science Community Utrecht. This is a platform where researchers and students can talk and learn about Open Science.


Pre-registration of animal experiments is one form of Open Science. Pre-registration also makes the experiments accessible that did not come to a (full) publication. This reduces publication and reporting bias, and enables data exchange. This also helps to prevent unnecessary repetition of animal experiments, to improve the quality of animal studies and to promote collaborations.

If you have not yet reported your research, please do so. This can be done on the Preclinical Trials website.