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Animal experiments can be an interesting subject for a school project or profile paper: what is an animal experiment? Why are animal experiments done? Can we do animal testing? And do I think this is ethical?

Therefore, we regularly receive requests from school students to conduct an interview, request information or answer some questions. Although we like to contribute to education on this subject, unfortunately we do not always have the time to do so. Therefore we have created this page where you can find more information.


Replacing Animal Testing: How and When?

Refining Research to Improve the Lives of Laboratory Mice

Reducing the Number of Research Animals: How Imaging Technologies Can Help

These 6 learning scenario's from the 3R's project has learning activities for secondary schools to introduce the principles of the 3Rs – Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal use for scientific purposes. The goal was to inspire students to think critically about science, become aware of the scientific progress made for a future science without animal use, and build the skills to debate nuanced and complex topics such as animal testing.

This is primarily intended as lesson material for teachers, but also includes resources and videos that could be used directly for students/students


Animal experiments at Utrecht University

Discomfort at laboratory animals

Training laboratory animals

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