Are there new employees, do you prefer a different mouse strain or has the discomfort not been estimated correctly? Then request a modification. In many cases the AWB can internally assess and approve the modification, but in some cases the proposal must be submitted to the DEC and CCD. Add the approved modification to the study dossier.

There are 4 options for a modification in an animal experiment:

  1. Modification that can be reviewed and handled by the lvD (eg: add new employee, change mouse strain).
  2. Modification without consequences for the number of animals, for the degree of discomfort, and for the research question of the project > to be assessed by lvD and to report to CCD.
  3. Modification that increases the number of animals or the discomfort > to be submitted to the DEC for advice and to CCD for assessment.
  4. Modification that changes the research question > entirely new licence application required via the DEC + CCD.

For every type of modification, you use the same modification form. Based on that, our Animal Welfare Officers decide the type of modification.