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Cornelie Westermann next to a horse

3Rs Stimulus Fund: saving horses’ lives

1 month ago

Dr. Cornélie Westermann, educational director of the master’s programme within the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, is also an internist with the Equine Internal Medicine division. Her keen instinct for innovation led her to devise the plastinate model that students use to learn how to pass a nasogastric tube in a horse, something that can often save its life.

Portrait Aurore Lyon and Toon van Veen

3Rs Stimulus Fund: computer models predict risk

2 months ago

Aurore Lyon is a Postdoctoral Researcher who is using computer simulations of the heart to improve predicting the risk of sudden death in patients. Toon van Veen is an Associate Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Medical Physiology at the UMC Utrecht. He supervises Aurore’s research. They received a grant from the 3Rs Stimulus Fund.

Two mice in a box

Symposium 'Lab animals in the picture'

3 months ago

What can we learn from observing animals? How do they live and how do they communicate? How can we better understand them? During the free online symposium 'Lab animals in the picture', laboratory animals are displayed as the creatures they are. During ten talks, speakers from various disciplines will shed light on animals that are sometimes laboratory animals, but are animals in the first place.