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European Parliament wants to end animal experimentation

4 weeks ago

The European Parliament wants to ban laboratory experiments on animals in an accellerated time frame. In a resolution, the parliamentarians ask the European Commission, the executive committee of the European Union, to draw up an action plan to accelerate the transition to research without the use of animals. They want animal experimantation to be banned as soon as possible.

Symposium: Better animal research through Open Science

1 month ago

The promise of Open Science is that it will lead to more reliable, more efficient, and more relevant research. How do these ideals relate to animal research? What is the added value of the Open Science approach in the context of studying for example behavior, pathology, and biomedical processes using laboratory animals? And what are the practical implications of Open Science for your research?

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Better animal testing with the Experimental Design course

1 month ago

How do you ensure that your animal experiments provide the information for which they are intended? And how do you ensure that you do not use laboratory animals unnecessarily? How can you prevent bias? Take the course ‘My Animal Research: Experimental Design’ and develop your research skills based on your own research.