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Rat in hand

Number of animal experiments virtually unchanged

1 month ago

The number of animal experiments at Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht has remained almost the same this year. There is a minimal increase from 20.433 in 2020 to 20.576 in 2021. This appears from the joint 2021 Annual Report on Animal Experiments.


3Rs Stimulus Fund: Solitary mice, what can we do better?

1 month ago

During studies of eating behaviour in mice, the animals have to spend some time alone in single housing. That is not their nature. Through a 3Rs project, Roger Adan looked for ways to make this solitary phase more comfortable. Adan is a professor in the Translational Neuroscience department of the UMC Utrecht Brain division and focusses on eating disorders.

Portrait of Jeffrey Bajramovic

Jeffrey Bajramovic is the new head of the 3Rs Centre

1 month ago

Jeffrey Bajramovic is the new head of the 3Rs Centre and thus the successor of Jan van der Valk, who recently retired. The 3Rs Centre has acquired a more central place in Utrecht now that it is linked to the Animal Welfare Body Utrecht, which is active for both Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht. At the same time, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where the 3Rs Centre was housed for many years, remains involved.