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3Rs Stimulus Fund: an organoid mimicking the prematurely born brain

2 weeks ago

Myrna Brandt is a PhD candidate in the Department for Developmental Origins of Disease, part of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center. She is working to develop a brain organoid that can reduce the use of animals in research on brain damage in premature babies. One in ten babies is born prematurely.

Culture of Care Award 2023

Culture of Care Award 2023

1 month ago

Who will you nominate for this year's Culture of Care Award? This is an incentive prize for animal technicians and animal caretakers, established by the Animal Welfare Body (AWB) Utrecht.


Researchers call for better reporting of animal experiments

2 months ago

The vast majority of animal experiments involving joint cartilage repair in scientific journals is incompletely reported. Researchers from Utrecht University and the Radboud university medical center analysed 223 studies from all over the world with large laboratory animals, and found that more than 90% provided incomplete information about anaesthesia and pain management.