Policy and guidelines

The Utrecht Animal Welfare Body has formulated its internal policy with regard to experiments on animals. The policy applies to all activities within Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht and is ratified by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Everyone within the two institutions should adhere to this. In order to guarantee the responsible use of laboratory animals, all employees of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht who are involved with laboratory animals or experiments on animals must furthermore adhere to various guidelines and ‘codes of practice’.

Our policy in Utrecht

Tasks and responsibilities Description of those involved in the chain of experiments on animals

Quality improvement policy Description of advice to guarantee quality of animal experiments

Welfare monitoring of laboratory animals Description of welfare monitoring within our facilities

Individual housing of laboratory animals Policy for individual housing of laboratory animals

Policy on collecting viable material from animals Conditions for collecting viable material

Policy for purchasing and breeding laboratory animals Relevant aspects for purchase/breeding

Surplus laboratory animals reuse and rehoming Policy to limit surplus and stimulate rehoming

Patient-related research and education Criteria for determining coverage of Wod of treatment

Guidelines we follow

Housing and care of laboratory animals Guidelines for housing and care of laboratory animals

Rehoming of former laboratory animals Guidelines for rehoming of former laboratory animals

Synthesis of Evidence in animal research Role of Synthesis of Evidence in animal research

Alternative methods of killing laboratory animals Deviating from prescribed methods

Genetically modified animals killed in stock Advice for reducing the number of animals killed

Motivation by restriction? Principles for controlled fluid and food intake

Codes of practice we follow

Animal Experiments in Cancer Research Principles for the development of tumors in animals

Immunisation of Laboratory Animals Guidelines for Immunisation Procedures in Laboratory Animals

Monitoring laboratory animal welfare Compliance with existing legal obligation

Preventing, recognising and combating pain in laboratory animals Infographic for those involved