Policy and guidelines

The Utrecht Animal Welfare Body has formulated its internal policy with regard to experiments on animals. The policy applies to all activities within Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht and is ratified by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Everyone within the two institutions should adhere to this. In order to guarantee the responsible use of laboratory animals, all employees of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht who are involved with laboratory animals or experiments on animals must furthermore adhere to various guidelines and ‘codes of practice’.

Our policy in Utrecht

Policy on animal experiments

Tasks and responsibilities

Quality improvement policy

Individual housing of laboratory animals

Collecting animal tissues

Purchasing and breeding laboratory animals

Surplus laboratory animals reuse and rehoming

Patient-related research and education

Lifelong Learning

Guide to implementing ‘Lifelong Learning'

Advice and Codes of Practice we follow

NCad regularly writes and updates advices and Codes of Practice in the field of animal testing and alternatives, such as alternative killing methods for laboratory animals and rehoming of former laboratory animals. You can find an up-to-date overview of the advices here. An up-to-date overview of the Codes of Practice can be found here.