Retrospective assessment

The CCD may ask for an assessment of your project afterwards. During your project, keep a record of the necessary data for a retrospective assessment so that you can provide this information if requested. The assessment must be submitted to the CCD within one year of the end of your project. In individual cases, the CCD sometimes sets a different term.

The Animal Experiments Act (Wod) stipulates that specific types of projects must be subject to an assessment afterwards. This primarily concerns projects where:

  • animals suffer serious discomfort;
  • non-human primates are used.

If the CCD considers it necessary, it may also impose on other projects the condition that an assessment must be conducted afterwards. In all cases, the condition that a retrospective assessment must take place is stated in the project licence.

For the retrospective assessment, the CCD asks for information about the number of animals used, the discomfort the animals have suffered, the results of the project, the implementation of the 3Rs and the most important learning points. The purpose of the retrospective assessment is to account for the animal experiments performed. The CCD also considers it important that the assessment contributes to improving the assessment of applications for project licences by DECs and CCD and to reducing and refining laboratory animal research.