Audits and inspections

You want to do your research as well as possible. A second pair of eyes watching will help you identify good points and blind spots. That is why the Utrecht Animal Welfare Body carries out audits, solicited and unsolicited. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) also conducts inspections.

As a researcher, you want to do your research as well as possible: with optimal results, within the limits of the law and with as little discomfort as possible for the laboratory animals. How did you safeguard that in your research? Are you an example for others, or can you use advice? Audits help with this.

The results of audits and inspections are gifts. They help you to make your research even better. If you would like to have the animal experiment or part of it audited, please let us know.

Checklist Monitoring Animal Testing

The Checklist Monitoring Animal Experiments (CMD) makes a self-audit possible. You ask a colleague to check within 2 weeks after the start of a study whether all administration is clear and transparent.

Site visits

We carry out site visits at the laboratory animal locations. We then audit the performance of animal experiments in general or a specific aspect thereof, such as the housing and care of the laboratory animals, or procedures on laboratory animals.

Incident audits

In the event of a report or incident, we conduct an incident audit to investigate any underlying causes of the incident and, together with those involved, arrive at a sustainable solution and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Theme audits

With theme audits, we audit specific subjects at multiple locations. These audits are always announced in advance and, in addition to direct input for those involved, provide an overarching evaluation of the theme, with which we share good practices and take joint action where necessary.

In the quality plan you can read more about the various audits we perform.

NVWA inspections

NVWA inspections take place both announced and unannounced. The NVWA inspectors check whether we comply with the law. Is your investigation part of an inspection by the NVWA? Together with you, we prepare the announced inspection, guide you during announced and unannounced inspections, and help you answer questions from the inspector.