Publish: ARRIVE

Do you have good results? You would likely want to publish your research. Even if an experiment has gone wrong, you have a moral obligation to write about it. The ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) guidelines were developed and published in 2010 as guidelines for reporting on animal experiments.

ARRIVE was reviewed in 2020 to ARRIVE 2.0.They present a list of 10 essential and 11 recommended items which must be reported in publications which have used animals in scientific research. The purpose of the guidelines is to improve the quality of publications for review and analysis purposes.

The use of this guideline ensures that others have a good understanding of the design, progress, outcomes and conclusions of your research. It is a widely accepted standard for animal research publications.

Always use the ARRIVE guidelines when writing an article about animal testing. Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht believe that the guidelines should be applied to publications based on animal experiments. Thus, knowledge of animals experiments is optimally utilized. The ARRIVE guidelines are available in Dutch. All translations can be found on the ARRIVE guidelines website.

The application of ARRIVE is recommended and sometimes required by Animal Welfare Bodies, Animal Experiment Committees, the Central Committee on Animal Experiments and many funders of research and editorial boards of scientific journals.

If you need a statement for your article stating that the research project with animal experiments was carried out with a licence and carried out in accordance with the legal standards, we can provide this. Please contact us for this.