Non-Technical Summary

The Non-Technical Summary (NTS) in Dutch is a mandatory part of the licence application. The reason for this is transparency about animal testing. The NTS is published on the website of the Central Committee on Animal Experiments (CCD), where everyone can see which animal experiments are carried out in the Netherlands.

In this article

Pay attention to the following

• Write the NTS in Dutch

• Use the CCD's notes to the manual of the European Animal Research Association.

• Think of a simple title [link to overview titles!]

• Be concise (maximum of 850 words)

• Use short sentences

• Use spell checker

• Pay attention to compositions that you write together in Dutch

• Do not use jargon, but use simple spoken language

• To find synonyms or explanations, use, Wikipedia, or Google (search for “ meaning”)

• Do not mention names of persons, institutions or departments. Have a lay person proofread to check for comprehensibility


Check for compounds that are two words in English but one in Dutch (for example, ‘blood collection’ is ‘bloedafname’, ‘medication use’ is ‘medicijngebruik’).

Combinations with an abbreviation or proper name are hyphenated in Dutch (‘MS-medicijn’, ‘Alzheimer-onderzoek’). You can also use a hyphen in combinations that may otherwise be less readable (for example, ‘leukemie-overlevingskans’ is more reader-friendly than ‘leukemieoverlevingskans’).

If these combinations get too convoluted or overlong, turn them around (‘het afnemen van bloed’ instead of ‘bloedafname’; similarly ‘een medicijn tegen MS’, ‘onderzoek naar Alzheimer’, ‘de kans dat iemand leukemie overleeft’).