Culture of Care Award 2023

1 year ago

Who will you nominate for this year's Culture of Care Award? This is an incentive prize for animal technicians and animal caretakers, established by the Animal Welfare Body (AWB) Utrecht.

The prize is awarded during the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week to an animal technician or animal care taker who has made exemplary efforts to promote a Culture of Care around animal experimentation at UU and UMC Utrecht. By this we mean a safe culture of care and trust, in which things can be discussed. The winner receives a nice, symbolic award.


  • Encourage a Culture of Care with a particular focus on the role of lab animal caretakers and technicians. They play a very important role in monitoring and improving animal welfare and responsible use of laboratory animals.
  • Promote and reward ingenuity, initiative, ambition and empowerment among animal caretakers and technicians, aimed at improving the welfare of laboratory animals, quality of research and open communication.

Who can you nominate?

Animal technicians and caretakers who work at one of UU or UMC Utrecht's animal facilities can be nominated for the award. Are you inspired by someone? Or has a colleague of yours developed a great idea? Nominate that person and tell us why you think this person deserves the prize.

What are the nominations judged on?

We assess each nomination on the following aspects:

  • Care and welfare of laboratory animals
  • Innovative ideas, small or large, that lead to improvements in welfare and/or quality of research
  • Inspirational for colleagues, creating openness and dialogue
  • Transparency, sharing ideas with colleagues across the country

Who sits on the assessment committee?

  • Pascalle van Loo (AWB Utrecht)
  • Ellen Deelen (DEC Utrecht)
  • Jeffrey Bajramovic (3Rs Centre)
  • Annemarie Baars (co-winner Culture of Care Award 2022)
  • Merle Krebber (Researcher UMC Utrecht)

Send your nomination to info@ivd-utrecht.nl by 9 january 2023, please mention Culture of Care Award 2023 nomination. The award will be handed out during the International Laboratory Animal Technician Week (29 January-4 February 2023)