Animal Donor Codicil

Pet owners can donate the body of a deceased companion animal to Utrecht University for educational purposes. This can be arranged with the vet in an Animal Donor Codicil.

A deceased companion animal can almost always replace a laboratory animal. In that way, Utrecht University and Proefdiervrij can work together to reduce the number of laboratory animals used in education. The use of a deceased pet in education ensures that animals do not have to be bred and killed for this purpose.

Practicing skills

The body of the deceased pet is used for the education of trainee veterinary surgeons at Utrecht University under the supervision of expert staff. This allows them to gain insight into the anatomy of various species and breeds, and they can practice their practical skills. The animals help students  gain direct experience in their field. As a result, they will then be able to provide sick or wounded pets with better care in the future.

Proefdiervrij Foundation

The Proefdiervrij Foundation wants to reduce the use of laboratory animals for educational purposes by collaborating in the Animal Donor Codicil project. Owners can put their deceased pet up for adoption free of charge through affiliated veterinary facilities. Please ask your local veterinarian about the possibilities.