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The Animal Welfare Body Utrecht handles personal data with care. This page contains information about the kind of data we collect, the purposes for which we collect it and how we protect this data. It also has information about how to exercise your legal data protection rights. Our policy is based on the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation (DGDP, in Dutch AVG).

We collect and process personal data in order to perform tasks required by the Experiments on Animals Act and to inform people about the law. These tasks have to do with, among other things, animal welfare, alternatives, procedures, registration, supervision and communication with the Animal Ethics Committee Utrecht (DEC) and Central Authority for Scientific Procedures on Animals (CCD).


We do not collect data on this website, nor do we use cookies. We are not responsible for websites we link to on our website, nor for how those websites treat data. Please consult the privacy statements of these relevant websites.


It is permitted to reuse texts and materials from this website with reference to the source. If they are edited, mentioning that is mandatory. Images (photo and video) of people on this website have been created with the permission of the people portrayed. It is not permitted to copy and use these images for other purposes without permission.


We retain the address and the communications of people with whom we exchange e-mail on our server, as long as they are relevant for us. If you receive our newsletter, then we keep your name and e-mail address for this purpose, until you unsubscribe or leave employment.


People registered with us in connection with work fill out various forms. The information on these forms is managed by us. The information we use is name and address, e-mail address(s), data from the institute at which a researcher works, relevant educational information and information about the content of their research.

How long do we keep data

In conformance with the DGDP, we only keep your data as long as strictly necessary to achieve the goal(s) for which the data was collected.

Sharing data with third parties

Personal data are not rented, sold or in any other way shared with third parties. Any exchange of information occurs exclusively for the purpose of government inspections for enforcement of the law (CCD and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Products Authority).

Securely storing personal data

Personal data are only accessible to directly involved employees. We have taken appropriate technical security measures to protect your data. Any abuse or attempt to abuse this data will be reported to the authorities.

Questions or requests to view and correct data

If you have questions about our privacy policy or a request to view or correct your data, please contact us.

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